Grain contracts
Grain Tariff and rates
Grain Tariff and rates  09/08/11 12:33:07 PM

TrentonLaredo  License # PUR 544 schedule # 2010/11-2


1)      Open Storage: Including conditioning and insurance; Corn, Soybeans, Milo---10 Free days per load then 4.0 cents per bushel per calendar month (no prorating of days in a month) until June 30; there after all storage will either need to be price or rolled to an NPE contract. Wheat will be handled on contracts only, no storage available at local locations

2)      Shrinkage : Due to drying of wet grain 1.5% per point of moisture weight against the account of depositor, shrunk  down to the levels – Corn to 15%, Milo 14%, wheat 13.5%

3)      Drying charge: See posted charges per grain


For more detail info please call 660-359-2297

Would like to buy more bushels picked up at your farm......please call me if you are interested in moving grain with our trucks instead of delivering them direct to the elevator!!! 

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